June 08, 2008

Greek and Latin Proverb of the Day

Instead of an essay on a Latin proverb today, I wanted to let you all know about a new proverb widget I've created. Someone who has taken on the exciting project of teaching herself Greek this summer asked me to create a "Greek Proverb of the Day" widget that she could add to her blog, just like the Latin Proverb of the Day widget I created a while ago. So, what I've done is to collect a year's worth of proverbs from Apostolios, WITH the Latin translations. This way, the widget is good not just for studying Greek, but Latin, too.

You can find the new Greek Proverb of the Day script at the SchoolhouseWidgets.com website. There is also a Random Greek Proverb script, if you prefer. If you would like to add this to your Blogger.com blog, you can do that with a single click; here are some more specific instructions. You can also add the widget to any webpage, blog or wiki that is javascript-friendly. (For more hints about that, check out my How-To Technology Tips blog.)

Here is the script in action, showing random Greek proverbs with a version each time in Latin, too:

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